TV dinner and Shoe Rack Conversions!

Tv Dinner's set by Betsy4art  

[Table] has only 2 recolor able areas. The side and the legs. The drawing Area is NOT.

[Tv Food] has only one recolor able area, the stick.

[Crackers] One Recolor able area.

**OMSP is your friend

Now to the next part, TS2 Shoe rack Conversion, Shoe Rack TS2 Mesh 
I know this one is converted by  One more Sim
But i wanted to make a darker version of the shoes 

 Just one color for the shoes.
Frame is recolor able 



  1. Gorgeous :)
    Thanks for sharing <3

    Do you take any requests?
    If so can you convert any of mirake@TSR stuff?

  2. thanks for you comment Mango =)

    Sure I do, if you want sth in particular please let me know . And i will defiantly put Mirake on my list.


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